when increasing number of columns in the query sent to the AIS ODBC driver talking to the ODBC of UNISYS - the SQLPrepare fails
We notoced that this fails because of the double quotes in the name of the column in the native odbc driver of UNISYS

You can remove the quotes by using a syntax file.

To do so, please follow the below directions:
1. Under the Attunity installation directory there is a def directory. Inside the def dir you will find a text file called nav.syn (You can create the file if it is missing)
Add the following 3 lines to the end of the file:
2. Using the Attunity Studio, expand the relevant binding and edit the Attunity ODBC datasource (for example AIS_UNISYS_ODBC).
3. In the Advanced tab of the datasource editor, type ODBC_SYNTAX for the Syntax Name.
4. Save the datasource.