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Thread: SAMPLE: ODBC Test and Troubleshooting utility

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    SAMPLE: ODBC Test and Troubleshooting utility


    The odbcutil is a new utility included in the Attunity ThinODBC v5.3 Kits. The utility is provided here to be used with older versions of the ThinODBC product.

    The utility can be used as a test utility (just like nav_util) and confirm a proper setup including the Datasource within the odbc.ini. It also can be used for troubleshooting the environment.


    Here are the steps to configure your environment to work with the odbcutil:

    1. Extract the utility at the same location of the ThinODBC kit, for example:

    /users/ais/thinodbc >> gunzip odbcsample.tar.gz
    /users/ais/thinodbc >> tar xvf odbcsample.tar

    The following directory structure will be created: ./samples/odbcutil.

    2. There are several compiled versions available of the odbcutil, in some cases where it's needed you can compile it using the x86 and x64 scripts.

    For example to compile it for x64:

    /users/ais/thinodbc/samples/odbcutil >> ./

    3. Also an odbc.ini sample is included. It should be modified as required.

    Make sure the ODBCINI (uppercase) is defined in the system:

    >> setenv ODBCINI /users/ais/thinodbc/samples/odbcutil/odbc.ini

    4. Define the LD_LIBRARY_PATH,… to point to /users/ais/thinodbc.
    5. Execute the utility (here is an example):

    >> setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /users/ais/thinodbc:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    >> ./odbcutil execute RMS

    Enter driver library []:

    -- Library loaded successfully...
    -- Looking for ODBC functions...
    -- ODBC functions located successfully...
    -- SQLAllocEnv successfully executed...

    Connecting using DSN=RMS;

    Enter empty line to accept or type a different connect string to override:

    Calling SQLDriverConnect... Connected...

    Complete connection string returned by the driver is:
    DRIVER={Attunity Connect Driver};OneTdpMode=1;Description=Attunity Test for RMS;
    BindURL=support:mypwd@testalpha.attunity.local:510 0;debug/apiTrace=true;debug/gener

    -- SQLDriverConnect executed successfully...

    [1] Enter SQL to execute or empty line to quit:


    The odbcutil loads the Attunity (or dynamically just like an ODBC Driver Manager. This tests the users environment as if the Attunity driver was loaded by the 3rd party product (ODBC Driver Manager or an internal manager like the DI's integrated ODBC interface).

    If the odbcutil functions properly, then the user should start debugging the 3rd party application using Attunity logs and the 3rd party logs.


    odbcutil Source Code
    odbcutil for HP Unix Itanium x64
    odbcutil for IBM AIX x86
    odbcutil for IBM AIX x64
    odbcutil for Sun Solaris x86
    odbcutil for Sun Solaris x64
    odbcutil for Windows 32-Bit
    odbcutil for Linux x64
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