Symptoms: When trying to add a new machine to the Studio, the following error is displayed, and the user cannot add the machine:

acx protocol is not allowed - sacx protocol should be used


Starting from Attunity Server v4.8.x the Studio is using the Binary XML protocol for the communication with the Attunity daemons. The error message is usually related to the fact that the daemon is configured to work with encryption.

Check that Studio is configured to work with an encrypted daemon:
Click on the Window menu, then Preferences.
Click on Studio.
Make sure that the "Use encrypted communication" is checked.
An incompatibility was confirmed between the Binary XML protocol and the encryption mechanism on some platforms (up to v4.8.2). The solution is to set the Studio to communicate with the daemon using Text XML protocol:
Click on the Window menu, then Preferences.
Click on Studio, then on the Advanced tab.
Check the "Text" option under the "Network XML Protocol".
The daemon allows enforcing 'RC4' encryption by setting the encryptionMethods property to 'RC4', the default value is '*', which means that the daemon will work with encryption if the client sends such a request. If the user does not want to enforce 'RC4' encryption, and yet cause the Studio to work in an encrypted communication from the daemon, perform the followings:
Set the encryptionMethods of the daemon to '*'. Using the Studio, Edit the Daemon, and modify the property in the Daemon Security tab.
Set the "Use encrypted communication".
Set the "Network XML Protocol" to "Binary".