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Thread: Does RDB support two-phase commit?

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    Does RDB support two-phase commit?

    What is the scope of transaction support in the Oracle RDB driver?

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    Talking RDB Transaction Support

    The Oracle RDB data source provides support for managing transactions using the following transactional qualifiers:

    • READ/WRITE: Sets the access mode applied.
    • WAIT x/NOWAIT: Determines how the transaction reacts when a locked resource is required.
    • ISOLATION LEVEL: A configurable property for READ and WRITE that control the degree of sharing/concurrency among users.
    • Reserving clause: Provides refined instruction regarding access/lock mode to be applied on individual listed tables.

    Read/Write qualifiers are normally implied by the DML being processed. Other qualifiers are configured as described above. This relates to the ordinary fundamental one-phase commit transactional protocol as implemented by Oracle RDB.

    Starting from Oracle RDB V.7x, running on Alpha OpenVMS 7.x, supports Two-phase Commit and can fully participate in a distributed transaction. 2PC support is implemented via dedicated AIS run time component, namely the XAGW manager. The XAGW manager is a gateway to DECdtm which is the common transaction manager in OpenVMS. The protocol implemented there is the XA interface which is the X/OPEN de facto standard.

    An Oracle RDB instance plays the role of a Resource Manager that responds to AIS transaction management. The XAGW manager is an independent component which is not a part of the Oracle RDB data source driver.

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