SQL/MP tables not showing up in metadata view


The following is the SQL we use for a table list (%s is replaced by the catalog)
select tablename from %s.tables t left join %s.partns p
on t.tablename=p.filename and t.tablename=p.partitionname
where (p.primarypartition is null or p.primarypartition='Y')
and t.tablecode not between 100 and 999 and t.tabletype='TA'
select min(v.viewname) from %s.views v group by v.viewtext

At this site It turned out that tables were generated using the SQL/MP CONVERT utility.
This utility is used to convert an Enscribe file into a SQL/MP table.
By default it uses the original file code from the Enscribe file.
In this case it was a 170, which is an output file from the Measure subsystem
(the performace utility on the Tandem).

In order for SQL/MP tables to show up in the List Tables they must
have a file code between 0 and 99.