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Thread: Multiple Daemons on the same machine

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    Multiple Daemons on the same machine

    We have a development and systest environment on the same machine and want to use RPCs against both environments concurrently. Can we use group logicals to point to our environments and start multiple daemons running from different accounts to accomplish this?

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    This is definitely possible, though you may need to tweak the configuration files a little.

    For example, when calling NAVROOT:[BIN]NAV_LOGIN.COM you should pass a parameter P1 which is added to the DCL DEFINE command (e.g, like "GROUP/EXEC") to change the definition of the NAVROOT and other logical names to be a group executive logicals.

    Also change the NAVROOT:[BIN]NAV_START.COM from using /SYSTEM/EXEC to using /GROUP/EXEC (it is passed as a parameter to NAV_LOGIN.COM)
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