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Thread: RMS large tables

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    RMS large tables

    Error Selecting records from a large RMS table

    Below is the error that I receive when I run the following SQL:
    select * from DATASOURCE:TESTTABLE limit to 1000 rows
    Client (No. 1, client ID 2101603754) has connected
    error ===> writetcp: failed to write to socket
    error ===> writetcp: invalid buffer length (errno:65535)
    error ===> writetcp: (vmserrno) %SYSTEM-F-IVBUFLEN, invalid buffer length
    [C070] Server failed to send reply to the client
    Client (id is 2101603754) has disconnected

    ==> The solution for this is to change our binding parameter commcacheBufferSize to match the buffer used in the TCP/IP stack. The text below explains why this change is effective.

    Issue Text:
    Reduced the comCacheBufferSize variable in the environments of the client and server from 200,000 to 50,000.

    The comCacheBufferSize helped here because it depends on their TCP/IP configuration and version.
    It can be that their TCP/IP configured in a way that it can not work with big buffers. for example if their TCP/IP configured to work only with 50,000 buffer size - in this case if the buffer size that contains the sql is more then 50,000 the server will fail to write to the socket.

    The following is from the open vms:

    IVBUFLEN, invalid buffer length

    Facility: SYSTEM, System Services

    Explanation: The exact meaning of this message depends on the device.

    If the device is an LPA11-K and if this error occurs for an
    initialize LPA11-K request, the initialize command table
    length is not the required 278 bytes. If this error occurs
    for a start data transfer request, there are several possible

    o The command table length is not the required 40 bytes

    o The buffer area size is not evenly divisible by the number
    of buffers assigned

    o The individual buffer size is 0

    o The individual buffer size is not a multiple of 2 for a
    multirequest mode request, or is not 4 for a dedicated mode
    o The random channel list length is 0 or is not a multiple of

    o Bit 15 in the last word of the random channel list is not

    If the device is a DR32 interface, the command block size or
    the buffer block size is 0 or equal to or greater than 2**29,
    or the command table length is not XF$K_CMT_LENGTH.

    If this error was returned by the Pseudo Terminal facility, it
    indicates that the buffer size supplied is illegal (less than
    0 or greater than 508 characters).

    User Action: Your action depends on the type of device to which the I/O
    request is directed. Refer to the OpenVMS I/O User's Reference
    Manual for additional information.

    If the error was returned by the Pseudo Terminal facility,
    check the buffer size.

    IVBUFLEN, disk boot driver invalid buffer

    Facility: VAXCLUSTER, VAXcluster and VMScluster Facilities

    Explanation: An internal MSCP error occurred.
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