FTP RMS files to Alpha- Files transfer

1. ( FTP ) between 2 OpenVms system will keep the RMS file attributes !

2. Any other transfer mode ( ftp , mail ) between different systems will loose them !
be sure to encapsulate them with "backup" utility before you transfer them !
Backup file must be transfered in binary mode and after you receive it in your OpenVms system, fix it ! (see below):
SET FILE/ATT = (LRL:32256,MRS:32256,RFM:FIX) 'file.bck'

To restore file attributes:
1) After files transfer ( binary mode for data files , ascii for *.fdl files )
2) convert/fdl='fdl-file.fdl'/owner=[333,33] 'input-file.ext' 'output-file.ext'

To open savesets file:
1) see "files transfer" ...
2) logon openvms system
3) choose a specific directory to restore the files and move to: set def [.demo]
5) ( the files will be restored in the chosen directory, without restoring the original tree directory)
bac/log 'file.bck'/save []/owner=parent

To backup the file:
1 ) backup syntax command :
a ) backup 'file.ext;' save-set.bck/save
b ) backup 'file1.ext; , file2.ext; save-set.bck/save