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Thread: ALpha VMS RDB 2PC

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    ALpha VMS RDB 2PC

    Troubleshooting the RDB working with 2PC transactions on ALpha VMS

    The RDB driver can work under distributed transactions. It can be used in a transaction where Attunity Connect is the Transaction Coordinator, and also under Application Servers.
    When things go wrong, and you cannot see a relevant error in the log files, the first step is to try to work RDB with Attunity Connect as the Transaction Coordinator. (Scenario 1)

    Working with Attunity Connect as the Transaction Coordinator at the very low level, will help us make sure that all the configuration steps required were followed (see the RDB 2PC article).
    To set Attunity Connect to be the Transaction Coordinator set the following environment variable on the AlphaVMS machine:
    • Use the Studio, and add your OpenVMS machine.
    • Right-click on the binding entry and choose “Edit Binding“.
    • Expand the “transactions“ entry, and set the “convertAllToDistributed“ flag to “true“.
    • Save the settings.
    IMPORTANT: When setting the “convertAllToDistributed“ flag, each transaction you start will be treated as a distributed transaction. After performing the following scenario, set it back to “false“.

    Use the nav_util to perform simple 2PC scenarios. To start a 2PC transaction issue a “BEGIN TRANSACTION” sql, for example:
    nav_util execute RDB
    NavSQL > BEGIN;
    NavSQL > update Account set BALANCE=BALANCE+1 where ACCOUNTNO=1;
    Executing: update Account set BALANCE=BALANCE+1 where ACCOUNTNO=1
    1 row affected
    NavSQL > COMMIT;
    This scenario shows that the RDB driver is working correctly with 2PC transactions, and everything is configured properly.
    If you get an error when performing this test, you should double check the configuration steps.
    Working from Microsft COM+/MTS or a Distributed OLEDB application, if you receive the following error, check that RDB was properly configured:

    OLE/DB provider returned message: rc = -1811
    OLE/DB provider returned message: ERROR = -2147467262
    OLE DB error trace [OLE/DB Provider 'AttunityConnect' ITransactionJoin::JoinTransaction returned 0x8004d00a].


    If the configuration is correct and you still face a problem, send the following log files:
    On the Client machine, set generalTrace and oledbTrace (if using an OLEDB application), and ODBC Trace for ODBC applications.
    On the Server machine, set generalTrace and driverTrace.
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