By default Replicate will list only table objects to select from. In some cases it may be useful to select view objects.
To do so, add the following connection string property in the Oracle source’s advanced tab in Replicate:

Note that this is useful for full load only tasks.

A sample use case:

In order to be able to load a partitioned Oracle table in parallel threads, you can create views on this table and load them in parallel.
First create view per partition in the Oracle source and then select the views in the full load only task. Then configure the number of parallel thread in the task setting (under full load tuning) and run the task. The task will create target tables with the same names as the views (we can consider these as temp tables). When the full load is complete you can run a query on the target database to merge the loaded temp tables into a single target table.

Here is a script that generate statements you can run to create Oracle views based on partitions:
Modify the script and change the generated view name prefix (SALES_VIEWS_), the table_owner (SH), and the table_name (SALES) according to the source table.

select 'CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW ' ||table_owner||'.'||'SALES_VIEWS_' ||PARTITION_NAME||
' AS SELECT * FROM ' ||table_owner||'.'||TABLE_NAME||' PARTITION(' ||PARTITION_NAME||');'
from dba_tab_partitions
where table_owner='SH'