Currently I have a set of Oracle source tables that I am attempting to filter using the "Record Selection Condition" option in the software located in the Table Settings of the Task Designer View. In the filter tab I have placed an expression condition in the "Record Selection Condition" field that reads:


Indicating that I wish to only track changes for and replicate records who's columns have an INBOUND_OUBOUND_INDICATOR = 'O' and a timestamp from 30 days ago or less.

My question is, Now what happens in a scenario when a record that did not ORIGINALLY meet this "Record Selection Condition" on initial load is later updated so it NOW does meets the criteria? Is it then inserted into the target and updates are resumed until it no longer meets the criteria?

Also, What happens to a record that originally met this criteria and later is updated to not fall under this "Record Selection Condition" ? Will I have to manually clean these up outside Replicate?

I already have a support ticket in for this that is in status "Researching" but thought I would turn to the community to see if I could get answers.

  • Attunity Replicate 5.0.2
  • Source: Oracle 11.x
  • Target: SQL Server 2012