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Thread: ORA-018661: Literal does not match format string

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    Cool ORA-018661: Literal does not match format string

    Using SSIS in VS 2012 with Attunity driver Version 2.0 to retrieve data from Oracle 11.0 g database. SQL works in SQL Developer, but Oracle error "ORA-018661: Literal does not match format string" is being thrown using same sql from SSIS. The offending part is in the where clause. Here is part that will cause the error: "where (TO_DATE(CONFINEMENT_START,'DD-MON-YY') >= TO_DATE('01-JAN-1753','DD-MON-YYYY') or CONFINEMENT_START is null)". CONFINEMENT_START is a date, but without the TO_DATE around it misses records that should be returned. The Database NLS_DATE_FORMAT is "26-APR-17". The picture on the to_date doesn't make sense, but it is the only solution we have found that works directly in oracle.

    Turns out the to_char we originally used in the SSIS package was correct, so the issue is solved for us, but there is still the issue with attunity not allowing what works in SQL Developer and SQL Plus....
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