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Thread: Record Filtering on the Target....

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    Record Filtering on the Target....

    hi we need the ability (or hope to have it) to filter records from the target database. i.e., if we have record a with columns a, b and c. We replicate that record to the target sql server (from source oracle). Later, by the value of one of the columns, for instance column b, we want to remove records from the target and no longer send them over, is this possible? not sure I'm explaining it clearly.

    source oracle
    table a
    column a b c
    filter on task on column c for value 1 to include

    later we change an existing record that was replicated already to sql server
    value in c changes to 0
    we need the records that were replicated over to sql server to be removed because they no longer fit the filter

    I'm pretty sure we were told it could be done when evaluating the product, but I can't find a way and filters on the task do not work (filter currently is on the source task, which is using a target of a file channel, on the receiving server, we have a source file channel with a target of sql server database).

    replicate version 5.01
    oracle version 11g
    sql server 2014

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    Question Filtering?

    I am also wondering about this. Were you ever able to get an answer?

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    This sound like a target_lookup function.

    Check the User guide and link below: (Data Enrichment transformation, source_lookup example)

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