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Thread: use of downstream mining database as source

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    use of downstream mining database as source


    is it possible if we use Oracle downstream database server as source? or do attunity need to connect on the primary server for reading of redo logs?

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    Argh, forgot to hit 'post' yesterday -

    What exactly do you mean with 'downstream'. That is not an Oracle term best I know.

    The Replicate Userguide (current version always provided in top install directory) write in the Oracle Source chapter under Limitations -
    "The following limitations apply:"
    "To enable change processing from an Oracle standby database, the database must be a physical standby database with Active Data Guard enabled (available from Oracle 11g and above)."

    There are further details documented, such as a the new to manual add supplemental logging on the primary, and the creation of directory objects.

    Hope this helps,

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