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Thread: Unexpected errors with attunity

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    Unexpected errors with attunity

    We have been running with attunity to our Tandem nonstop server since 2006 with no problems, but within the past 6 months we have been having progressivly more and more issues.

    this is the error I recieve on the client (SSRS Report) when it is about to fail.
    ERROR [HY001][Attunity][Attunity Connect Driver][S1001] [9020]Memory allocation failure.

    This is the error I recieve on the client (SSRS report) after the service fails.
    ERROR [S1000] [9013]General Error in Nav_init - rc = -1601. Please refer to the log file for detail.
    ERROR [IM006] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed
    ERROR [01000] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The driver doesn't support the version of ODBC behavior that the application requested (see SQLSetAttr)

    This error keeps appearing in the Attunity Studio Events log window (seems like there is one for every connection made to the server.
    [D000] Cannot open file $SYSTEM.NAVROOT.sysnos

    These are the log files from the server


    I don't understand why this is failing all of a sudden when it has been working fine for years on a system that does not change, any help will be most welcome.

    Hope I have provided enough info, if more is needed please let me know.


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    If you look in the IRPCDLOG file you will see that the call to PROCESS_CREATE_ to create your server instance failed with error 55 which translates to "THE SPECIFIED SPACE GUARANTEE CANNOT BE ALLOCATED."

    It appears as if the system administrator has made some changes to the system configuration and as a result, the Attunity server cannot be started.

    Also note that the same log reports that the program has at that point allocated a total of 861760 bytes of memory and when it asked for an additional 63488, the system allocation call failed. These numbers are really small in modern perspectives - there is no sense that the daemon program would be limited to use up to 860KB. Since it used to work for so long, the change must have been in the system.

    Furthermore, the errors:

    [C022] Server failed to connect and register with the daemon
    [C022] Server process not registered. Exceeded maximum number of available server processes

    are a result of the failure to start the server process and can be ignored in this case (the are transient and disappear after a short time).
    By Dror Harari

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