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Thread: Oracle as Source and Snowflake as target: __CT Table keeps growing

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    Oracle as Source and Snowflake as target: __CT Table keeps growing


    I have been working on this Attunity for past few weeks with a POC license. My Source is Oracle and Target is Snowflake. Well, Everything looks cool and we were able to achieve Full load and Change Data capture where Primary table in Target is always in sync with table in Oracle and all the I,U,D pop up in __CT Table.

    My 2 main conerns here are
    1. The header__timestamp column with Datetime(6) won't show the value in milli seconds.

    2018-09-18 18:46:04.000
    2018-09-18 18:46:04.000
    2018-09-18 18:47:59.000
    2018-09-18 18:47:59.000

    This won't help us because we have thousands of transactions in seconds and unless we have milliseconds up to precision of Timetsamp(FF6) , its impossible for downstream to run queries.

    2. The __CT table in target(Snowflake) keeps growing. I would like to dump data in target in such a way that I do not want data more than 15 days. On 16th day, 1st day's data should be gone. How do I achieve this with limited SQL transformations in Global Transformations.

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    Hi tharunkumary,

    Are you working with Attunity staff members on this POC? If so, it would be most efficient to report these issues/concerns to them directly for assistance.

    Best regards,

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