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Thread: How can I log into a brand new Replicate EC2?

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    How can I log into a brand new Replicate EC2?

    I have a client who is interested in using Attunity. I went to the Amazon Marketplace and spun up an EC2 with Attunity Replicate, it's on the Free Trial now. It's up and running, but I don't see anywhere in the documentation what the default login/password is to connect via RDP - or any other type of connection. The AWS documentation tells me to open up the Attunity console on my machine, which was not ever installed. How can I access my EC2 instance?

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    For Windows login,
    user the same user / password that was login to Windows during the installation.

    for Linux Server UI (3552 port)
    this could be either admin / root password
    or root / root password.

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