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Thread: Power script to Summarize Task states from REPSRV.LOG

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    Power script to Summarize Task states from REPSRV.LOG

    This script is more or less a companion/alternative to Perl script to Summarize Task states from REPSRV.LOG

    It executes a REPCTL GETSERVERSTATUS commands and parses the output to summarize in an simple column fomat
    Scripting weenies may appreciate how it looks up the Replicate install and data directory to deal with not-default installs.

    Sample run and help text below.
    Script attached as .TXT to appease the security gods.
    Please save as Overview_local.ps1

    (Kindly Let me know if/when/how this script helped you some?!)

    Sample run:

    PS C:\scripts> .\Overview_local.ps1
    Task Name                      Replicate Server state     Date-Time@01:28  Runs Comment
    ---------                      ---------------- -----     ---------------- ---- -----------------
    A                              localhost        STOPPED   2016-12-06 10:21    1 FULL_LOAD_ONLY_FI
    Attunity_Dev                   localhost        RUNNING   2017-01-05 23:58   35
    Attunity_Dev2                  localhost        NEW
    DDLtest                        localhost        STOPPED   2016-12-29 23:56   19 FULL_LOAD_ONLY_FI
    DDLtestttttttt                 localhost        ERROR     2016-12-20 13:31      RECOVERABLE_ERROR
    FIS_BSP_STMP_T1                localhost        NEW
    GIFTCARDS_GIFTCARDS            localhost        NEW
    Help text:

    PS C:\scripts> .\Overview_local.ps1  -help
    Overview_local.ps1    Hein van den Heuvel, Attunity, 6-jan-2017
    Present a quick overview of all Replicate tasks on the local server using getserverstatus.
    Remote servers requires a careful management of remote Replicate server passwords
    with corresponding mk.dat on the client side in the directory with REPCTL, or in the data
    directory provided (or corresponding with that bin directory)
    REPCTL = <C:\\"program files"\Attunity\Replicate\bin\repctl.exe>
    DashD  = <-d "C:\Program Files\Attunity\Replicate\data">
    Default selection is all tasks, all states, in the default Replicate server (localhost)
    Main Arguments and Defaults
            IncludeTask    : regexp for Task Names to Inlclude. default: all tasks
            ExcludeTask    : regexp for Task Names to Exlude.   default: do not exclude any Name pattern.
            IncludeState   : regexp for Task states to Include. default: all tasks States
            ExcludeState   : regexp for Task States to Exlude.  default: do not exclude any tasks State.
            SleepTime      : Seconds. Repeats report 'forever' at SleepTime intervals unless repeatcount is provided.
            RepeatCount    : Indicates how many times to repeat the report. Defaults SleepTime to 60 seconds.
            Outfile        : This file will have a copy of the onscreen output for future reference.
                             Default name is calculated as <replice-server>-AttunityTask-Overview-<yyyy-MM-dd_HH_mm>.log
            States are 'calculated' as getserverstatus does not always return and explicit state
            Notably 'Fully Only' tasks as declared 'STOPPED' when done, and a tasks which had never run is labeled 'NEW'
            The reported Time-Stamp is last-run for RUNNING/STARTING and last-Stopped for STOPPED/STOPPING/ERROR
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