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Thread: Repctl.exe tablecontrol syntax example anyone

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    Repctl.exe tablecontrol syntax example anyone

    Purpose is to reload a single table within a task.

    I tried several variants for
    D:\Attunity\Replicate\bin>repctl.exe tablecontrol "P_52NL_29NL_XYZ" 01 "dbo.Comment"
    [tablecontrol command] Failed
    command tablecontrol: Redundant positional argument (exit status 22)
    probably due to the tables:repeated structure argument?

    command tablecontrol:
    request arguments:

    task:required string
    operation:required enum, valid values:
    01 - _RELOAD
    02 - _RESUME
    03 - _CANCEL

    tables:repeated structure {
    owner:optional string
    name:optional string

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    Hello repctl is not recommend as to control task,

    it is normal to use repctl for export of task and stop/start/resume of task.

    Replicate does not have CLI .

    You may want to look into Attunity Enterprise Manager (AEM) for it RestAPI.

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    Jan, you are correct, it is due to the 'structure' argument.
    As Steve indicates REPCTL, is generally not supported nor documented with EXPORTREPOSITORY, IMPORTREPOSITORY, SETSERVERPASSWORD and SETMASTERKEY being notable documented exceptions.

    REPCTL help is automatically generated from the core API, regardless of whether the command line parsing/mechanism can actually do it.
    Unfortunately it cannot handle input structures (we tried all options/alternatives we could think of before switching to banging our heads against the wall which seemed more productive).

    As Steve suggests The Attuntiy Enterprise Manager (AEM) has a documented RestAPI wich includes AEMRELOADTABLE in the latests version.
    Early version of AEM (before 6.2) documented the API in the AEM userguide.
    As of 6.3 it is documented standalone, for example - Developer's GuideVersion 6.3October 31, 2018

    Now, if you are a bit of a 'hacker' and curious about internal workings of systems, then you may want to look at the task_tables.sqlite in the task directory in the data folder.
    It has a table tables_status with column table_status which has the value 3 for a happily loaded table.
    If on startup tasks does not find 3 there, but say 0, then it will try to reload the table.
    Not something we can recommend or condone for production, but strictly for educational purpose it could be fun to try. :-)


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