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Thread: Unable to log into console after renamimg server

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    Unable to log into console after renamimg server

    I deployed the Attunity Replicate Hourly AMI from AWS Marketplace. After renaming the system to a company standard name I can no longer log into the console with any accounts.
    I did modify the ServiceConfiguration.xml with the new name and restarted the services. The web page comes up and I do get to the login screen but can never access it due to log stating access denied.
    Its almost like the license is embedded to the default server name. I rename the system back to original name and it works fine.

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    Here is a near Duplicate answer to a near duplicate question :-)

    >> ServiceConfiguration.xml
    That's an important file and it the contents must match the ip/service to list on, but it does not handle authentication.
    Authorization records are stored in a json string in GlobalRepo.sqlite - table objects - AuthorizationAclDto

    As an Attunity Replicate instance is installed, an 'Admin' security entry is created for the installing username/servername combination.
    If the server is renamed, then an additional entry Admin entry should be pre-created for the new username/servername.
    With full server access this can be done post-fact, but that requires some nasty hacks in the location outlined above.
    It is probably easier to just re-rename and/or re-install from scratch.

    Hope this helps,

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