I am trying to replicate our ERP system database (Oracle 12C - Multitenant environment (PDB) and hosted in Oracle Cloud)

Since LogMiner does not support PDB I am trying to use the "Binary Reader" in Attunity Replicate Express".

I have succeeded in doing a full load, but I cannot capture any changes (have trying several update/commit statements on source, but nothing is applied on the destination (SQL))

I can see in the console that whenever I do a update statement it is registered in the "Incoming Changes" bar: (0 Transactions) changes to (1 Transactions)

However when I then do a commit on source it changes from (1 transactions) to (0 transactions) but the change never appears on the destination :-/

The "only" errors I can see is:
00006404: 2018-06-06T10:24:41 [SERVER ]E: Failed to create a process mutex 'Local\ATTUNITY_AR_METRICS': Access is denied. [120106] A call to a system function has failed. (syswindows.c:190)

00004768: 2018-06-06T10:24:42 [METADATA_MANAGER]W: Table 'CRPDTA.F0006' cannot be captured because Oracle Security DB Encryption value was not provided (oracle_endpoint_lists.c:868)

I don't really have a clue on what they mean and what a possible solution can be.

All help is appreciated!!!