1.) Stop all tasks in the Replicate console then stop Replicate services in Windows Services.

2.) From the Replicate Command Line Console (Start > Programs > Attunity Replicate > Utilities) execute the following command:

repctl exportrepository

for alternate data directories use the syntax:

repctl -d YOUR DATA DiRECOTRY PATH exportrepository

3.) Back up the ~\Attunity\Replicate\data directory to a directory outside of the Attunity product.

4.) Perform the upgrade by running the executable.

5.) Resume the tasks.

In case of a back out:

1.) The back out requires the product to be uninstalled and then installed to the same directory using the previous kit.

2.) Once the install is done stop the Attunity Services and copy/overwrite the data directory with your backup.

3.) Start the Attunity service