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Thread: Replicate Express Oracle Connection fails while Toad can connect

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    Replicate Express Oracle Connection fails while Toad can connect


    We have a connection issue with Replicate Express. The computer can connect to an Oracle instance via Toad but with the same information Replicate Express cannot connect.

    I have attached a screenshot of the connection error.

    Could you please help us with this issue?

    Best Regards

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    The good new is that you get a 'clear' ORA- error mesage, so the Oracle client is nicely activated.

    I see a second (source) connection on the screenshot. Does that work?

    Is "EXPRESS" the Service Name or SID?
    Try just myserver:myport/myservice
    Check for names/services on the server itself with LSNTCRL STATUS

    Is this a Windows replicate server?
    You can also setup a TNSNAMES.ORA entry and just specify a SID
    For that you need to to have a TNS_ADMIN setup as a (system) environment variable indicating there TNSNAMES.ORA is located.
    If you use an Instaclient install, then I suggest to just use that directory.
    Restart the Replicate service if TNS_ADMIN was not there.

    Just google for ORACLE CONNECTION STRING and try some suggested variants.

    Let us know?

    Good luck,

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