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Thread: Objective-C (iPhone/iPad/iTouch) Data Accessibility

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    Objective-C (iPhone/iPad/iTouch) Data Accessibility

    We are currently using Attunity to access our RMS data files via .Net applications and SQL Server. We are looking to expand into some iPhone/iPad/iTouch applications and was wondering if Attunity supports this platform directly or would we need to write a .Net web service and then consume that web service in the Objective-C code. Any insight you can provide would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Attunity provides you with the best RMS connectivity via standard data interfaces such as ODBC, ADO/OLEDB, JDBC and ADO.NET or XML interfaces such as JCA, ADO.NET and COM. However, non of those interfaces is suitable for direct-from-the-web access (e.g. by means of a web services, REST, POXML, etc.).

    You would need to build a front-end to deal with various aspects such as authentication/authorization as well as plain-old business logic. Without these, anyone with a web browser would be able to update your RMS data without restriction.

    Writing a .NET web service to expose your RMS data as business logic makes a lot of sense - the ADO.NET provide both data- and XML-oriented approaches and let you very easily deal with reading and writing complex structured RMS data.

    Hope this helps,

    By Dror Harari

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