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  1. What??? nobody knows?? I would think...

    What??? nobody knows??

    I would think somebody within Attunity should know this.
  2. how does CDC react when changes to previous loaded tables are made.

    here's what were confronted with

    1 a full load was completed for multiple tables in the database. (tables contained LOB columns)
    2 the task was stopped the task, using table...
  3. This has nothing to do with endpoints. PER...

    This has nothing to do with endpoints.

    PER the user guide, in ALL source types (oracle, sql, ims, db2... etc) it states -

    When the Limit LOB size to option is enabled, replication of...
  4. (BLOB, CLOB and similar large object data types

    Does anyone have or or can point me to a list of all data types Attunity interprets as a LOB data type?

    clob, blob, xml, image, nvarchar, nchar, ntext, varbinary,

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    Hi Hein, How are you? You ever coming back...

    Hi Hein,

    How are you? You ever coming back to visit us in Dearborn??

    Thanks for your response!

    "The design of Replicate is to apply the exact same transformations for full-load and CDC...
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    PII data and CDC


    This is a critical question as we need to ensure that PII data that is set to nulls during full load (defined in the task table filter) also needs to be null in the CDC tables.
  7. same problem more information

    Hello everyone,

    We have determined this is an ORACLE issue, as we ran the following SQL statement
    select distinct
    to_char(builddate,'mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss') yy,...
  8. ORA-01801: date format is too long for internal buffer


    Has anyone encountered this error? How did you resolve it?
    I have checked my input table and found no data errors in the column defined as 'date'
    Attunity sets the Hadopp table column to...
  9. Resolution found

    I found a resolution!

    I had to transform the output table from NCLOB to CLOB, and set the CLOB default limit to 5000k (1 row had > 1 million rows)

  10. sql server table column data to Attunity table column truncation

    Hi all,

    I have a situation where within MS SQLSERVER I have table that has a column defined as nvarchar(max).
    when executing this statement -- Select length(colname) col_len from...
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