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    Thanks for the reply, Hein. I believe a sticky...

    Thanks for the reply, Hein.

    I believe a sticky post explaining the basics of support and what to expect would help new forum users. Explaining a few details (say, expanding on "appropriate...
  2. Thanks for the reply DrorHarari. Although...

    Thanks for the reply DrorHarari.

    Although "password" is (understandably) not a common property available in expression builder, "Connection string" is, and I've used that with other data source...
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    Is this thing on?

    Not sure where to post this, since I didn't find a general info forum.

    Who moderates this forum community? Is Attunity monitoring this forum for official support, or is Microsoft providing...
  4. How to set the password dynamically at runtime?

    I've tried several approaches and all have failed. I'm getting "[Connection manager "OracleSource"] Error: OCI error encountered. ORA-01005: null password given; logon denied"

  5. there is NO available option for setting the password via expressions!?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible, since "password" (or anything resembling it) is NOT an available entry in the list of properties in the "property expression editor"!!??

    It's almost as if the...
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