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    R-1 Failed To Transfer Files - Connection to LFA server failed

    Hi JamesH,

    Sorry for the delay in the response. I wanted to check if this is still an open issue.

    Has this worked in the past and simply stopped working? If you could provide the current status...
  2. What are the components in the Attunity Maestro architecture?

    The Maestro architecture comprises a few main components: Maestro Center, Maestro Agent and Maestro Center Database Server (could be installed on the Maestro Center). Maestro also integrates with...
  3. What Are the Port and Firewall Considerations for Attunity Maestro?

    Attunity Maestro has a requirement for network TCP/IP connectivity between the Maestro Center, Maestro Agents and Attunity Repliweb Installations.
    Ports: The following firewall ports should be...
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