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  1. OLEDB Provider

    Thanks for the information. I am confused. Does the ADO.NET 1.1 product use its own OLEDB provider to connect? What advantages do I gain from using the 1.1 client versus the oledb provider?
  2. .NET TransactionScope & DB2

    The connections threads to db2 are not getting released. This actually can be initiated from VB6, .NET and even mainframe applications because we are trying to use the same .NET code to sync the db2...
  3. .NETcomponents

    Our application is actually several VB6 applications & 1 Powerbuider application calling .NET components on MTS server. The .NET components have to have the COM interop wrappers to make them...
  4. pooling

    My .NET code has transaction option set to required with pooling. It is using the Attunity connection string set with pooling=true. The workspace is set to reusable. We have experienced problems...
  5. Attunity Thin_ADO.NET1.1_Client to connect to DB2

    I have been advised to use the singleClient server mode when using attunity to connect to db2 and let the .net manage the pooling. Does that mean I should set pooling=false on the connection...
  6. Attunity Thin_ADO.NET1.1_Client to connect to DB2

    the AisConnection class from Ais.Attunity.dll doesn't closes the connection when the connection is pooled.
    Where is it maintaining the maximum number of connection pools? Is this something we can...
  7. NAVCMD - sql convert datetime format to DB2

    I have been trying to convert the datetime format from sql to db2 and am using NAVCMD to test the select statement. It keeps giving me errors when I copy the statement from sql. Is there a different...
  8. Attunity Thin_ADO.NET1.1_Client to connect to DB2

    The ado .net client is throwing an exception in .NET:

    The type initializer for 'Attunity.Data.Common.PerformanceCounterHelper' threw an exception.

    How can I figure out what caused the error?...
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    Mainframe PL1 - batch mode

    I am able to use both ACXINIT2 (batch) and ACXAINIT (interactive) from batch without any errors. What are the reasons that require me to use ACXINIT2 in batch mode?
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    Attunity logs & return codes

    Can you tell me where to look to find out what -1210 return code means?
    Is this a NAV return code or SQL return code?

    Attunity Server Log (V4.8.2.0, MVS) Started at 2006-10-23T07:41:02
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    if a developer does not have access to the studio to view logs, are the logs viewable thru the NAV utility ?

    We have been getting the following error message and I am unable to determine the cause...
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    ADO .NET version 5.0

    Will the 5.0 version handle pooling the same way as 4.8.2 ?
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