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  1. [Teradata Destination [2]] Error: An error returned from error tables. Invalid date.


    I am using the Microsoft connector for Teradata by Attunity 2.0 in SSIS to load a Teradata table from a Teradata table. I am using fast load. My Teradata destination component is...
  2. Teradata Destination [24];TPT attribute value is out of range


    I am receiving the errors below when I try to execute a dynamic SSIS package using Teradata source and destination objects.

    {6C67E2EA-A266-4535-8603-4D030BB0401C};Teradata Destination...
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    Microsoft Access connector for Teradata TPT?


    I'm currently using the Microsoft connector for Teradata which works within Microsoft SSIS. Is there an equivalent connector available which would integrate with Microsoft Access?
  4. SSIS SQL Server to Teradata: TPT Stream requires CREATE MACRO access in Teradata?


    I'm using the Microsoft Connector for Teradata v2.0. While using the "TPT Stream" operator within SSIS I am trying to load a Teradata table which has existing records. I receive a...
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