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  1. Thanks!

    Thanks Steve!

    Jeff, that's brilliant and exactly the feature I've looked for without success in the past! Where is that documented? :-)

    Great input!
  2. Wishlist: Ability to save filter in a package without reloading.


    I have a large volume table I am replicating. Only the most current two months of data is volatile in the source table. There are occasions that a source system fault necessitates a...
  3. Will do, thanks

    I will contact support for that. In the meantime, I have switched tasks from batch optimized apply to transactional apply to keep those tables from coming...
  4. many ATTREP_NET_CHANGES tables appearing in target


    For last couple of weeks, we have been observing the creation of tables with names starting with "attrep_net_changes000" in the target database. I cannot correllate their creation times...
  5. The Answer was...

    I just realized I left this question hanging out here...

    The reason this had occured was that unbeknownst to me, the SQLNET.ora file on this machine had been modified, and the EZCONNECT option was...
  6. Trying to start CDC Instance results in "DISCONNECTED"


    I have created a new Oracle CDC Instance. Going thru the wizard, I am able to connect to the source, choose the tables I want, the dba has executed the oracle logging script, etc... ...
  7. Replies

    In addition, we also needed to grant SELECT on V$INSTANCE

    Thanks Gadi-

    The help file listed the below, but did not have this (which we needed): SELECT on V$INSTANCE

    A user must have the following privileges granted in the Oracle database to
    be a...
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    Oracle Permissions Required?


    I have successfully tested CDC for Oracle by Attunity as delivered by Sql Server 2012 in a sandbox environment, where the user connecting was granted all access.

    Now I am attempting to...
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