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Thread: SQL server in alternate domain

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    SQL server in alternate domain

    Information: Creating a Microsoft SQL Server Data Source
    This post is intended to supplement information on setting up a SQL Server data source. The information presented is related to a configuration problem I experienced while setting up a SQL Server data source. Maybe this information will be useful to a user with a similar problem.
    Symptom: After setting up a SQL Server data source, the follow error message was displayed when attempting to connect to the data source:
    NAV_UTIL: Calling to ITDP_Bind failed with error = -2220.
    DRV_InitTdp: SQS9028E:
    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]Invalid connection.
    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]ConnectionOpen (Invalid Instance()).
    (SQL State: 00000; SQL Code: 14)
    This command was issued from NAV_UTIL [NAV workspace] but the same message will be shown in Attunity Studio’s Query Tool.
    Reason: SQL Server can have multiple instances on a single server. Attunity does not know how to select the default instance. During the set up process there is no information on the set up page or in the user manual (to my knowledge) that requires the service name.
    Solution: If you have multiple instances of SQL Server running on a single machine, you will need to configure the SQL Server name: entry in Attunity Studio or XML binding information to include the instance. If your server name is:
    Change it to:
    MS_SQL_Server\Instance Name
    To find the instance name, do the following steps.
    1. Open a cmd window
    2. At the prompt type:
    osql –U<username> -S<server_name>
    username is a valid db logon
    server_name is the name of the SQL Server
    3. At the osql prompt, type or (Copy and Paste the next 2 lines):
    This will show you all the information necessary to enter into Attunity Studio or to modify your XML binding if you are more comfortable editing the XML definition.
    Multiple Instances of SQL Server
    Steps to troubleshoot SQL connectivity issues - SQL Protocols - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
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