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Thread: SQL Server Linked Sever to attunity

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    SQL Server Linked Sever to attunity

    Hello - I'm quite new to attunity (and linked servers)... I'm trying to setup a linked server to our attunity.

    We have an attunity set up and running which we use for our crystal reporting. I want to set up the linked server to be able to create union views with other databases.

    Can't find much guidance on the net about how to do this (ie the settings to enter after selecting 'new linked server' in MS SQL Server Management Studio...

    Any tips or advice would be most gratefully received! Thanks - Mike

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    Crystal Reports

    When using Crystal reports we recommend using a Kagera type connection using Microsoft OLEDB to connect to an Attunity ODBC driver. Crystal reports provides an ODBC 3.5 layer and our driver is an ODBC 2.5 layer. For this reason you use an MS OLEDB connection, MS OLEDB for ODBC Drivers, or on later versions ADO.NET for ODBC drivers. When making this connection user the ID NAV and the password NAV (case sensitive). As a quick exercise I had customers create a file on their desktop called testlink.udl. Once this is created you can right click on the file/properties and configure a Universal data Link using the methods I suggested above. This just show the list of providers and what is registered and available on the machine. Please note, not all Windows installations have a full or updated MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) and you can download this separately from Microsoft to get the latest and greatest. If .NET is installed we recommend getting the latest for this environment also.

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