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Thread: Network error connecting to SQL Server source

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    Network error connecting to SQL Server source

    I'm a Replicate newbie trying to get a PoC up and running. Replicate is installed as well as the SQL Server Native Client 11. I can create a System DSN on ODBC and connect to the source using the native client driver. However, when I define the same SQL Server as a source in Replicate I get the following error:

    • SYS-E-HTTPMSG, Client HTTP request failed: Failed to connect [122506] Network error has occurred

    Any idea's what I've missed or did wrong? (and, yes, I did reset the services after I installed the Native Client)


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    1. Are you Windows Authentication or SQL server Authentication?

    2. If Windows Authentication, try with SQL server Authentication method.

    3. if you want to use Windows Authentication:
    a. the Replicate Server need to be on the same domain as your AD user.
    b. For windows authentication to work on a SQL endpoint the repctl process must be running under the user name / account that you will work on the database. Please check in the services under the repctl process and check what account the process is running under. You may need to change this to the windows account that you want to use for the connection.
    c. The user need to be part of the local security policy "logon as batch"

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