The user is getting the following error message when adding a new SQL Server Source:

MS-SQL server instance is not enabled for REPLICATION: In Management studio - Right-click the Replication folder, click Configure Distribution and follow the Configure Distribution Wizard instructions (120101)


A prerequisite when using SQL Server as a source database in Replicate, the user must enable MS-REPLICATION in the SQL Server instance.


Open the SQL Server Management Studio and perform the followings:

  • Right-Click on the Replication folder and click on Configure Distribution.
  • Click Next if you got the Configuration Distribution Wizard welcome screen.
  • Select the Distributor option - <SQL Server Name> will act as its own distributor; SQL Server will create a distribution database and log.
  • Click Next to configure the location of the Snapshot folder, confirm and proceed with the Wizard.
  • Specify the Distribution database name, or keep the default and proceed with the Wizard with default selections.
  • At the end select 'Configure distribution' and Finish.

Important notes

  • Make sure to configure the Agent to startup automatically. If not, manually configure it in SQLServer or the Windows Services.
  • Right-Click on the SQL Server Agent and click on Start if it's not started.
  • Right-Click on the SQL Server Agent and and click on Properties to check it's startup configuration.