Just a head's up. We struggled with getting the Attunity drivers to work correctly with existing and new SSIS/SSDT packages at our shop. We had new installations of Visual Studio 2017 with SSDT, Oracle 11g client, and Attunity 2.0 and 5.0 (32/64 bit) set up. Legacy SSIS packages would not validate due to OCI errors. New package work would not allow use of Attunity connections. Since Oracle data access via SQLPlus and Toad was not impacted, it was a problem between Visual Studio and Attunity.

We finally stumbled on our solution: Once everything was set up, we needed to go back and "touch" something in the Oracle client, via the Oracle universal installer. A co-worker removed an excess Oracle Home, in my case I de-installed the Oracle 12c client. In both cases the OCI error was resolved. Something about touching the Oracle client last in the installation/setup process caused it to play nice with Attunity in the Visual Studio environment.

Hope this might save you some grief.