It's sometimes required to create Enscribe data files, which will be used by R&D to test customer specific scenarios. The following are methods for cloning the data files.

There are several ways to clone the Enscribe FS:
1. Send the whole input file for the DDL and FUP for
creation files.
2. Run the command:
This will get the basic definition of what type the file is.
3. If you know the DDL record name, run these commands on the DDL dictionary subvolume:
0> ddl dictr (this will open the dictionary on read mode, from TACL:t)
At the ddl prompt enter:
?ddl tempdef ! (this will open the file for definitions output )
Output def * . (this will produce the def output)
?ddl temprec ! (this will open the file for records output)
Output record * . (this will produce all the records)
?noddl (this will close the output file)
?fup tempfup ! (this will open the file for fup output)
Output record *. (this will produce fup output for records)
?nofup (this will close the output)

You can replace all the * (asterisks) with unique record names and definitions that are included at the specific record, but this will complicate the investigation as to which definition is included in the record definitions.