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Thread: License Registration on TANDEM

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    License Registration on TANDEM

    Registering a license on a TANDEM machine fails, the following error message is displayed (and logged):

    Failed in gethostbyname()
    Similar error is also displayed when running NAV_UTIL CHECK TCPIP


    The machine's TCPIP HOSTS file contained invalid entries. Fixing the invalid entries in the HOSTS file resolved the problem.

    The HOSTS file contained entries as follows: MACHINE1 MACHINE2 MACHINE3 MACHINE4
    The third number in each IP address starts with 0 which, due to a known Tandem bug, is treated as an octal (base-8) number. Thus, the last IP address is invalid since 08 is not a valid octal number.

    The fixed HOSTS file looks as follows (no leading zeros!): MACHINE1 MACHINE2 MACHINE3 MACHINE4

    Further information can be found in the following GCSC knowledge based article:

    Title Application returned "Name does not resolve to supplied parameters." even though the HOSTS entry is valid
    ID 100.0.94755572.4509902
    Created 2003-12-10
    Last modified 2004-04-28
    Problem environment
    Non-Native Socket Library
    Native Socket Library
    HOSTS file
    Genesis Solution 10-030304-4646
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