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Thread: ADDIMP utility - usage

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    ADDIMP utility - usage

    The ADDIMP is a utility to generate Attunity metadata for enscribe files.
    The ADDIMP utility can use 2 types of input to generate metatada, one is an Enscribe dictionary and the other one is cobol copylib files.
    The ADDIMP utility resides in the subvolume of the Attunity software installation.
    The ADDIMP command supports many flags and options.
    The main format of the utility command is:
    ADDIMP -n data_source_name -w binding_name input_files_names
    For example, for data source named ENS1 and an Enscribe dictionary in $VOLUME1.DICT1:
    1) ADDIMP -n ENS1 $VOLUME1.DICT1 - this will generate metadata for all tables defined in the enscribe dictionary at $VOLUME1.DICT1 subvolume, the metadata will be inserted into ENS1 data source, since no binding was spoecified the NAV default data source will be used.
    This is an example for generating metadata for one table only, PERSON, using the -e flag. the metadata is taken from the same Enscribe dictionary as in example 1, this time the data source ENS1 is located inside the binding BND1.
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