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Thread: SQL Syntax for Stored Procedure

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    SQL Syntax for Stored Procedure

    I am trying to create a stored procedure that will accept a parameter with a variable number of 4-digit characters separated by commas (for exmample 'aaaa,1212,5443'). I would like to loop throught the select statement doing a match for each of the individual 4-digit values. I have tried a For statement and a While statement, but I am receiving SQL syntax errors when trying to compile the stored procedure in Attunity Studio. I am fairly new to SQL, so it could be my syntax; however, I was informed not all SQL commands work with Attunity stored procedures. Any suggestions or examples would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Only the select verb will work in Attunity Stored Procedures

    The Attunity stored procedures only allow for a select statement, with parameters for the where clause.

    It is not like Transact SQL which would allow for other SQL verbs like WHILE or FOR.

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