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Thread: HP Non-Stop SQL/MP to IBM DB2 Migration

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    HP Non-Stop SQL/MP to IBM DB2 Migration

    Hello All,
    I am working on a project part of which involves migrating the application platform from HP Non-Stop to IBM Mainframe.

    As part of this project, I need to migrate the entire application database and all its relevant tables from SQL/MP database to DB2 on IBM Mainframe.
    Some of the tables are partitioned and some are not.

    My Tandem DBA suggested that we use SQL Report Writer to unload each table from each partition into a file and then pull it into Mainframe thru FTP and load it.

    The issue I am facing is, SQLCI Report Writer does not allow output records longer than 255 characters and most of the table data is more than that.
    The workaround suggested is to split each row of the table into multiples of 255 and then extract it. So, in effect, I will have atleast 2 rows of data in the extract file for each row of data in the table and it requires the Mainframe load job to do both Insert and Update on to the target table which will severely affect the DB perfomance.

    I am not comfortable with DBA's approach because of the above issue. I am thinking there should be an alternate way to accomplish this task.

    Any pointers/best practices on how to approach/proceed with this task will be greatly appreciated.


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    I suggest you contact the Attunity sales office for your area - the Attunity Connect works with both SQL/MP on HP Non-Stop and DB2 on mainframe. If you set it up on both machines and have the target table similarly defined on the DB2 then a simple SQL query like:

    insert into db2:table1 select * from mp:table1

    can do the trick. If you have Enscribe files on HP Non-Stop, it is possible to move them to VSAM on the mainframe, albeit with a little more work.
    By Dror Harari

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