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Thread: HOW TO: Debug Attunity WebServices

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    HOW TO: Debug Attunity WebServices


    The following debugging information is required when facing runtime problems using the Attunity WebServices Gateway:

    1. Attunity Server

    1.1. Start the Attunity Studio.
    1.2. Edit the Binding which contains the Adapter.
    1.3. In the properties Tab, set the following debugging flags to 'true':
    • generalTrace
    • acxTrace
    1.4. Save the changes.

    2. Web Services

    Edit the "log4j.properties" which is located at the Tomcat's webapps directory:
    Modify the following lines to DEBUG:
    log4j.logger.com.attunity.connect = DEBUG, LOGFILE
    log4j.logger.com.attunity.connect.jca = DEBUG, LOGFILE
    3. Execute the WebService and provide the following log files:

    3.1. Attunity Server log files.
    3.2. WebServices JCA log file, usually located at:
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