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Thread: HOW TO: Query for the Daemon status using the ComACX interface

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    HOW TO: Query for the Daemon status using the ComACX interface


    The attached sample demonstrates how to using the ACX APIs to query the Attunity Daemon status.

    The sample is written using VB6 and requires the Attunity ComACX module.


    Run the DaemonStatusAcx sample, and fill the following fields:

    • The hostname and port of the target machine.
    • Username of the account (leave empty if anonymous logins are enabled)
    • The user password if required.

    Here is a sample output:

    <info>General IRPCD Status:</info>
    <info> Daemon platform: MVS</info>
    <info> IRPCD process ID: UNKNOWN</info>
    <info> IRPCD log file: 'IRPCDLOG'</info>
    <info> IRPCD configuration: IRPCDINI</info>
    <info> Logging detail: Operations</info>
    <info> Number of logins: 19258 (0 failures)</info>
    <info> Number of active daemon clients: 19</info>
    <info> Number of active client sessions: 5</info>
    <info> Max. number of concurrent client sessions: 13</info>
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