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Thread: SQL Database Query Interaction

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    SQL Database Query Interaction

    This interaction pertains to the Database Adapter - http://www.attunity.com/forums/unive...apter-555.html.

    The query interaction specifies a SELECT statement and includes the following information.

    • SQL Statements: The SQL query that will be performed when executing the interaction.
    • Pass Through: Whether the query is passed directly to the Backend Database for processing or is processed by the Query Processor.
    • Reuse compiled query: Whether or not the query objects created in the previous execution are saved in a cache for reuse.
    • Encoding: The type encoding used to return binary data in text format. The options are:
      • base64: Sets base 64 encoding.
      • hex: Sets hexadecimal encoding.
    • Event: The interaction mode (async-send or sync-receive).
    • Fail on no rows returned: Whether or not an error is returned if data is not returned.
    • Root element: The root element name for records returned by the query.
    • Record element: The record element name for records returned by the query.
    • Max. records: The maximum number of records returned by the query execution.
    • NULL string: The string returned in place of a null value. If not specified, the column is skipped.
    • Interaction Parameters: The input parameters to the query in sequential order (as they appear in the SQL statement).
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