This interaction pertains to the Database Adapter -

The Stored Procedure Call interaction enables a stored procedure to be called. It includes the following information:

  • Datasource: The name of the Data Source as defined in the Binding configuration, where the stored procedure is found.
  • Procedure Name: The name of the stored procedure.
  • Procedure Return Value: The procedure return value attribute name (the optional default is RETURNVALUE).
  • Return Results: Whether to fetch the procedure results (default is false).
  • Encoding: The encoding used to return binary data in text format, optional values:
    • base64: Sets base 64 encoding.
    • hex: Sets hexadecimal encoding.
  • Root Element: The root element name and the record element name for records returned by the query, using the format <root>\<record>. (Optional default is 'root\record')
  • NULL string: The string returned in place of a null value. If not specified, the column is skipped.
  • Interaction Parameters: The input parameters for the stored procedure in the sequential order defined in the creation of the procedure.