Changing Disks on UNIX

We want to change our disks in AIX machine on which attunity server is installed.
Is it possible(for attunity) to copy the whole disks into new disks with the same names(logical volume, mount points) ?
After moving everything into new disks can we use Attunity without reinstalling it?
If yes,
What are the steps that we need to follow for Attunity while copying the disk ?
- disable irpcd .. etc.

There is no problem copying an entire AIS installation as-is to a new physical disk as long as the following assumptions hold:

1. The mount point of the directories on which AIS is installed are kept under the same pathname
2. Any database or file referred by the AIS configuration is also kept under its original pathname
3. IP address or host name that is referred to by the AIS configuration is kept the same

If any of the above does not hold, the user will have to update the configuration accordingly after the move.