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Thread: add an ODM Server (UNIX environment) to Attunity Studio

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    add an ODM Server (UNIX environment) to Attunity Studio


    We have IBM Optim Server + ODM Server installed in a UNIX environment. I want to add the ODM Server to Attunity Studio from a Windows machine (that contains Optim Client + Attunity Studio). I tried the steps below :

    1. Open Attunity Studio from the Attunity folder in the
    Windows Programs list.
    2. In the Configuration explorer, right-click Machines and
    select Add Machine... from the shortcut menu to open the
    Add machine dialog.
    3. In the Add machine dialog, enter the Host name/IP
    address (I'm trying the IP related to the ODM Server, UNIX environment)
    Use the default Port, 2551.

    When I click on finish I receive the error :

    J0083 - Error in connecting to server : Connection Refused : connection

    The process is runnig (the IRPCD daemon/process is running both on the Unix server and the windows client)

    root 995474 2551

    if I try (from the windows machine) : e.g. telnet 2551, I can connect that machine.

    does anybody knows if I need to check/configure something else ?



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    A typical case when you get a connection refused is when you have a NAT firewall between where the client sits and where the Attunity Server is installed. What happens in that case is that the daemon reports the wrong IP address to the client for establishing connection with the server instance (because the daemon does not know it is being accessed via NAT). The client then connects to an unreachable IP and hence the connection refused error.

    If that is indeed the case, then when adding to Studio, make sure you check the box for "Connect via NAT with a fixed IP address)".

    If this works it also implies that you need to set this option with the client API you use to access the server.

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