I have a problem in that I can't make a solution with more that 24 tables as it falls over with an error.

Do you have any way to make a solution for 500 tables?


Looks to be an OS limitation -
The problem is that the router attempts to keep all the SA files open for better efficiency. The default setting is to keep 200 SA files open (each SA file is actually two Unix files - .dat and .idx). If the Unix system is configured to limit the number of open files to less than 400 open files, we will have a problem with this default setting.

To overcome this problem, you must limit the number of open files to match the Unix configuration limit. Please leave a few extra file handles for other files that the server may need to open. If, for example, your Unix configuration allows for 50 open files, I suggest you use the following "formula" for the setting of maxOpenFiles:

maxOpenFiles = (50 /* Unix limit */ - 10 /* leave 10 files for other uses */) / 2 /* divide by 2 because a disam file is two unix files */ = 20

To resolve the issue the attribute maxOpenFiles='20' was added to the SA router configuration.