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Thread: How do I create a synonym for a virtual database?

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    How do I create a synonym for a virtual database?

    What is the procedure in Attunity Studio to create a synonym for a virtual database?

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    Talking Creating Synonyms in a Virtual DataBase

    A synonym is an alias for a table or view. You can use the synonym name in place of any table or view name.

    You cannot create a synonym in a single session after dropping a synonym with the same name.

    A synonym can be used to implement a virtual data source by defining synonyms for the tables and views you want the virtual data source to make available.

    To create a synonym for a table of view :

    1. In Attunity Studio, expand the virtual database folder and the virtual database you are working on.

    2. Right-click Synonyms under the virtual database and select New Synonym. The New Synonym wizard is displayed.

    3. Enter a name for the synonym.

    4. Click Select by the Target field. The Select Target screen is displayed.

    5. The Select Target screen displays all the data sources defined in the same binding as the virtual database.

    6. Select the table or view you want to assign the synonym to.

    7. Click OK.

    8. Click Finish.
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