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Thread: What are the capabilities of an Attunity virtual database?

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    What are the capabilities of an Attunity virtual database?

    What are the main features of virtual databases?

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    An AIS virtual database:

    • Presents a view to the user such that only selected tables from either one or more data sources are available, as if from a single data source.
    • Limits the data available to a user to the tables and views that are needed by that user.
    • Presents table names in a meaningful way, by defining the name as used by a data source with a name that has meaning in the Application.
    • Enables an application to view the tables in several data sources in a uniform manner, by presenting a consistent view of each table in the virtual database.

    AIS provides a mechanism that enables the user to create and access a single virtual database. A virtual database consists of selected tables and views from other Attunity Connect data sources. To the calling application, a virtual database looks like a single database with a predefined set of tables and views. The calling application cannot access the underlying sources, which prevents access to other corporate data.

    A virtual database can also be used to provide more meaningful names for tables and views. Because the virtual database uses a Repository to maintain its definitions, native system constraints on file and table names do not apply. This feature is particularly useful for legacy back end databases whose table/record names are restricted by the naming conventions of the backend platforms (for example, the eight-character limit on HP NonStop computers).

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    Can you write to a virtual database?

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    Yes - at least to object that are synonyms for tables in other data sources.
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