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Thread: Configuring AIS to Work on Windows NLBS Clusters

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    Configuring AIS to Work on Windows NLBS Clusters

    Suppose you have a two-machine Windows NLBS cluster 'C' with the cluster IP address of and with:
    • Node A has the IP address
    • Node B has the IP address

    To set AIS to work on this cluster, the AIS software must be installed on both nodes.

    The daemon on each node must be started without a specific IP address (it can be started with a specific port though). In this way, the daemon would be accessible both via the cluster IP address and via the cluster node IP address (as well as via other IP addresses such as the loopback IP address

    The servers that the daemon start, on the other hand, must not be started on the cluster IP address. This is a little tricky because it is determined typically by the daemon which starts the server (it is communicated through an environment variable NV_DAEMON_LOCATION passed to the server process when it is started).

    To fix this, one needs to use an alternative NAV_UTIL program called NAV_UTIL_NLBS.exe (it is attached to this article along with its source which is based on the AltUtil sample) - simply rename the original NAV_UTIL.exe to NAV_UTIL_ORIG.exe and copy NAV_UTIL_NLBS.ex on top of the original NAV_UTIL.exe.

    Then make sure that there is a system environment variable named NV_NODE_IP which contains the node-specific IP address.

    With all of the above set, incoming clients will be directed to either one of the active cluster nodes and remain with that node until the connection is closed (for whatever reason).


    UPDATE: The zip included the original readme file and AltUtil.exe - now the readme is copies this article (plus some more build info) and the old AltUtil.exe is gone.
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